"Your current body is the only body that can take you to your new body - so be kind to it."  Elaine Moran

Massage is the manual manipulation of the body to help enhance a person's health and well being.  Our bodies are incredible, and what fascinates me is how the body responds to our day to day interactions as a person.  Each day your body absorbs any stresses, emotions you might have along with the physical aspect of you daily activities or work.  Massage therapy helps maintain a healthy system for you, by working out the kinks and helping provide a more centered body.

Most people know that Massage can help relax, but Massage therapy can also help with recovery of muscles and body functioning.
Nicole believes in the ability to find a true wellness with the connection of the body and the mind, when we take care of our bodies and allow for the releases of any stresses or emotions we not only heal that terrible kink in the body but also allow for room in you as a whole.  With this awareness Nicole does body work in a way that is best for you, sometimes the area that you are feeling pain in is not the source but rather the reaction and therefore she uses several different modalities throughout the appointment based on what the body needs and what outcome you would like to achieve.

Niculture is located inside Meadow Park midrise: 10440 N Central Expwy Suite 800 Dallas, Tx 75231

$110 per 60 minutes
$140 per 90 minutes
$160 per 120 minutes
{Monthly Memberships and Package deals available!}
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 Niculture Couples Workshops are now available and a great way to help your partner with some aches while traveling or when not able to get an appointment in.  Nicole will come to your home and help teach you and/or your partner ways to help take care of those problem areas and Nicole will provide some print outs for you to look back on if you need to.  This is a great way to increase care, communication and intimacy among couples.

** Please send any questions or requests for on-site appointments or anything not listed here on the site to Nicole through the contact form and she will get back with you.


*** Cancellation Policy:  Cancellation requires a 24 hour advance notice. Any cancellation less than 24 hours is subject to being charged to your credit card at an amount equal to 50% of the service booked. Day of and No shows will be charged 100% of the service booked.**

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