"It's when we start working together that the real healing takes place... " David Hume

Lategrium Malone is a Licensed Massage Therapist who got into massage therapy through her appreciation of the anatomy and physiology of the body. She applies her own holistic views and practices in her life and in addition to her therapy. Lategrium has been licensed and continuously practicing in clinical and spa settings since 2017, in her practice she specializes in a medical/holistic approach with modalities of: swedish, deep tissue, TMJ, thoracic outlet syndrome, breast tissue therapy, sports massage and medical massage.  Lategrium enjoys the fullness and education of life and is currently in school to gain her teaching certificate to provide continued education courses.  LMT#129048

Archana Siva is a Pranic Healer and a firm believer in living your best through a holistic integrated wellness plan.  Pranic Healing is based on the fundamental principles that the body is a self-repairing living entity that possesses the ability to heal, the healing process is accelerated by increasing Prana (life force) that is readily available from external elements to work with the internal elements to enable proper and sustainable flow of prosperity and spirituality into life.  Archana has been studying the therapies of Pranic healing for thirteen years with six years as a practitioner.  Archana has an integrated approach to health and healing as her wellness plan, this is an understanding that we are compromised of body, mind, emotions and soul, with that understanding there is an awareness of a variety of therapies that contribute to the wholeness of living a happy, healthy and peaceful life.  Archana uses her education, therapy and wellness beliefs in her own life and with her all around improvement in life she finds continued confirmation in having an integrated approach to health is key to being able to create and live your best life.    

Nicole Cronkhite is a functional therapist operating as a yoga teacher and massage therapist, her main focus is to allow for the most efficient use of the body to enable the ability to live your best life.  Nicole has always felt the call to help people, she has learned a lot in the studies life long sports engagement along with several years in college with psychology, ethics, philosophy, business; in 2008 she discovered yoga and realized that it is in the full integration of the physical, breath, creative flow and will that bring about a happy, healthy life.  Nicole has been licensed and continuously teaching yoga since 2012 and a practitioner of massage therapy since 2014.  Nicole applies all that she learns to her life and through her experience and development she facilitates in her therapies; her specialties are: craniosacral therpay, myofascial release, sports, trigger point, tuning forks, cupping, lymphatic, ptsd, orthepedic, traction and alignment, energy,swedish and range of motion, she adds hot towels and aroma therapy as some enhancements. In yoga she facilitates a practice that is balanced in the body and breath with good awareness of the center, she has worked with many clients in rehabilitating through various injuries or replacements.  Nicole thoroughly enjoys being able to work with everyone in their wellness path. ERYT#102186 LMT#102186

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