"The natural healing force in each of us is the greatest force in getting well." Hippocrates

     Niculture wellness products include:

'Divinity of Niculture' are custom bath soaks or body scrubs that are specific combinations best for the body it is made for, not only are they made with organic materials and scents but also made with energetic intentions directed into the creating process of each individual batch.  The main intentions put into the salts is allowing the user to feel and embrace the divine that is within each of us. With the respect of others' divinity and the love of her own, the Divinity of Niculture was created focused on self love and wellness. 

'Niculture's Magic Goo' is a topical salve used to help the healing process of scrapes, bruises, inflammations and other discomforts. Made with natural ingredients and love, it has gotten so many good results you can't help but think it's magic.
                                                                   pictured are jars of Niculture's Magic Goo

     Send Nic an email at nicniculture@gmail.com for your personal Divinity of Niculture batch or Niculture's Magic Goo.
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